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¿What is it about?

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The objective of Chef legion, apart from entertaining you, is to make you feel like a real chef, selecting products through collectible cards, techniques, utensils and everything you need to compete with other legionnaire chefs. You can use your creativity or find out how the dishes are made, develop competitive strategies and build your deck with the ingredients that will give you the most points.

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We have developed the first board game interactive trading card“Chef Legion”, whose purpose is to make students aware of the importance of having a balanced diet and following a healthy lifestyle, enhancing their imagination and creativity when preparing all kinds of dishes, and in effect, the adoption of new knowledge that allows them to manage various cooking techniques, processes, food products and everything relevant to being a great cook.

It is worth mentioning that this game has been designed to be integrated into the area of Knowledge of the Natural, Social and Cultural Environment, facilitating its adaptation to the different needs of teachers and schools.

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